Why am I not able to log into my account?

--Your account may still be under review for approval or your password is incorrect. Please try resetting your password first and if you do not receive a password reset email, kindly send an inquiry to so we can further assist you.


How long does it take to get approved for an account?

--Please allow up to 2 business days for account to be reviewed. You will be notified via email once your account has been approved or if we require further documents/information. Please be sure your documents match your business information as any inconsistencies will delay your account approval. To follow-up with your account approval status, please send an email to


What is a wholesale invoice?

--It is the proof of purchase (receipt showing details of your order) of your recent bulk order from a wholesale vendor.


I'm a brand new business and have not purchased wholesale from you or other apparel companies before. Can I still be approved?

--We apologize but we require at least two recent invoices from wholesale vendors in which you purchased from in order to be eligible for account approval. Then you may register for an account on to buy directly on our retail website. If you purchased from us at a trade show market, invoices issued by us for these orders are accepted as well.


What if I don’t have a website?

--If you don’t have a website, a facebook page/group is also acceptable.




How do I track my order?

--Go to my account > my orders > view order > shipment tab to view your shipped styles from your order. Please be advised that if your order has been revised in any way due to sold out sizes or unit change requests, your order may show as pending status even if your entire order has been fulfilled. If you did not receive an automated email that your order shipped with your tracking number, you may request your tracking number by sending an email to (please provide your order number).


Why didn't I receive all the sizes that I ordered?

--Because we offer open sizing for most styles, stock availability tends to fluctuate for many of our popular sizes. If a size on your order is out of stock, we will proceed with the rest of your sizes to secure the remainder of your order. If you do not wish to ship orders with incomplete sizes, please mention in your shipping instructions at checkout to contact you if any sizes are missing. Please be advised that requiring confirmation of any kind will delay your order from shipping.


How long does it take for my order to ship?

--It typically takes 2-3 business days after successful payment to process orders in the warehouse before it can be shipped. Please note that processing may fluctuates throughout the year, so your order might ship sooner than 2-3 business days or take longer depending on how busy we are.


How do I cancel my order?

--If for any reason you need to cancel your order, please send an email immediately to before we are able to charge payment. If your order is already paid and sent to the warehouse, we cannot cancel your order as we will not be able to locate it while your order is in circulation.


How can I request a return?

--Please send an email to For any return claims of defective merchandise, please provide photos, style numbers, and the invoice number.


Why was a style/styles canceled from my order?

--It would be due to it being sold out, or that your payment declined and we were not able to reach you via email after two attempts. If you also requested for us to confirm your order before processing and we cannot reach you after two attempts, the associated style/styles that was ready to process will be canceled. Full details of style cancellations are as follows below:

"In response to your valued feedback, we would like to make efforts to improve our fulfillment process. We have established a two-attempt rule for all in-stock and pre-orders going forward. We will attempt to reach out two times via email regarding payment declines or any orders that request to "email before shipping". After the second and final contact attempt, the associated styles in your order will be canceled and removed from your order.We ask that all our customers double check their spam/junk folders, as there is always a chance that our emails will be sent there.

Also, if you have any circumstances that will delay communication (such as vacations or health complications), please let us know by email so that we can make accommodations.

We kindly ask for your continued cooperation and encourage communicating with us! Our goal is to make the order process as seamless as possible so that our merchandise will flow from our warehouse to your hands more efficiently. Customer service is always at the forefront of our business and we hope this change can improve our service to you. As always, we appreciate your continued support & understanding!"


How can I make changes to my order?

--If you need to change anything in your order such as shipping address, assigned credit card (the card you used at checkout), or adding/reducing units, please send your request to Please include your order number so we can better assist you.


I need stock photos, but I can't download from your website saying I don't have permission. How can I get them?

Please request stock photos by sending an email to with your requested style number(s) and associated invoice number(s). Please be advised that we do not provide images for styles that have not shipped to you including pre-orders.




When do you charge my credit or debit card?

--Once your order is placed, we will pre-authorize payment with the card you used at checkout for the in-stock styles in your order as soon as possible. Once the payment pre-authorization is successful, we send your order to the warehouse for processing. Your actual shipping charge will be replacing the initial pre-authorization hold amount when your order has been packed and ready to ship out. For pre-order styles, we will pre-authorize payment once the style is received in our warehouse and ready to process. If you would like us to confirm with you before processing pre-order styles, please include a memo in your shipping instruction notes at checkout to do so or email orders@bayeas.Com to request adding notes to your order.


Why is my pre-authorization amount higher than my order total?


--Pre-authorizations typically holds an additional amount on top of your subtotal of what is ready to process, which also accounts for estimated shipping. Pre-authorization hold amounts get replaced with your actual shipping cost when we are ready to charge your card after your order has been packed.

Please see below for our pre-authorization hold amounts based on order total:

Orders of $1 - $500 = $60

Orders of $500.01 - $1000 = $150

Orders of $1000.01 - $2000 = $200

Orders of $2000.01 - $3000 = $350

Orders of $3000.01 - $4200 = $500

Orders of $4200.01 - $5300 = $550

Orders of $5301 - $10,000 = $1000

Orders of $10,000.01 - $20,000 = $1500





What are pre-orders?

--Pre-orders are styles you can order while they are still in production. Estimated arrival dates vary depending on the style and availability.


What is the order process for my pre-orders?

--Once we receive the merchandise around the estimated date that is displayed on the style, we will process all pre-orders related to the received style in order by date within the next 1-2 weeks. We will not contact you when your pre-order is ready to process, and it is your responsibility to send an email to if confirmation is needed before processing. You may also add shipping instruction notes on your order at checkout before placing your order to let us know to confirm with you before processing any pre-order styles. Please be advised that requiring confirmation of any kind will further delay your order from shipping.


How do I revise my existing pre-order?

--Please send an email to and submit your revision request.


What do the IND dates on pre-order styles mean?

--Those are IND (in-house dates)of when we expect to receive the style into our warehouse.




Do you offer expedited shipping?

--We currently only offer UPS ground shipping.


Can I use my own UPS or FEDEX account?

--Certainly! Please provide your UPS or FEDEX account number in the shipping instructions and we will process your order using your active account. There are no additional holds than your order total on your pre-authorization if your UPS account is used.


Do you ship internationally?

--We apologize but we only ship within the United States of America and Canada.


Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

--Unfortunately we do not ship to P.O. Boxes and UPS automatically returns it back to us. Please be sure not to use a P.O. Box shipping address as we will not be responsible to cover shipping charges to send it back to you.